Targeted Areas of Development

The spirit of growth combined with our ability to successfully collaborate throughout our County on issues of importance, has fostered economic diversification and steady and sustainable growth. This can be seen in our major industry clusters throughout Bourbon County.


Bourbon County Kansas has a rich history in manufacturing and has seen amazing growth over the last few years in all our local manufacturing facilities. Bourbon County which is centrally located in the United States allows companies to reach 70% of the United States population within a 2-day drive. Bourbon County is located just 45 minutes from the largest rail center in the United States by tonnage as well as five class 1 rail lines. Bourbon County is also 90 minutes from the international airport in Kansas City, Missouri and 3 hours from the Tulsa International Airport in Tulsa Oklahoma and the most inland port in the United States located at the Port of Catoosa in Tulsa. Bourbon County has access to over 600 acres of land for development and partnerships with the local Community College and school districts gives your company access to a highly skilled workforce.


Home to numerous manufacturing companies throughout our County, manufacturing has always been a huge part of Bourbon County’s economy. With most of our residents finding themselves employed within the manufacturing sector we know that our future growth in Bourbon County relies deeply on our manufacturing partners and their growth. Bourbon County will continue to actively work on enhancing our competitiveness for manufacturing growth. With our central location and our diverse industry base Bourbon County makes an ideal location for many different types of manufacturing facilities. Home to facilities that make products from automotive parts, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, printed materials, and textiles.

Agriculture and Food Processing:

Located in the heart of the countries agricultural center, Bourbon County continues to see its future growth heavily invested in agriculture and food processing. As food trends rapidly change and speed to market becomes increasingly critical, the need to have facilities located within the central part of the United States has never been more important. With 85% of the United States population within a two-day drive from Bourbon County, it is easy to reach your market from right here in Southeast Kansas. We have watched an increase in industrial food processing and agricultural companies, as well as a boost in the number of small entrepreneurs who have started food processing and agricultural businesses.

Call Centers:

Bourbon County, located in the Midwest, has many of the same attributes that call center companies look for when looking to grow in the United States. With our location in the central time zone, these facilities can communicate to their customers on both the East and West coast much easier and more efficiently. The higher-educated population provides trainable labor pools, and our local community college is capable to create training programs that are customizable to your companies needs. Finally, with access to several high-speed broadband internet companies and low-cost energy, your company and your employees will find Bourbon County a great place to grow.