We understand that having access to available services with the capacity to serve your business expansion is a critical factor in selecting a site. That’s why we’ve developed relationships with area service providers that ensure we can provide your company with accurate and detailed information about the available services, capacities, rates, and costs for any system upgrades associated with available buildings and sites.

Natural Gas Provider:

Kansas Gas Service and Heartland Propane have been serving the residents and businesses of Bourbon County for decades. Both of the companies are instrumental in the growth we see  in the rural areas of our County as well as throughout the several municipalities. We look forward to partnering with them in the future to continue to help Bourbon County Grow!

Electrical Providers:

Evergy is the largest electrical provider in Bourbon County. They work hand in hand with our team to make sure that any development within their service area has the necessary electrical capacity and infrastructure to make it a success. Evergy also has several utility incentives available for large and small-scale electrical power users. Heartland Electric Cooperative is the electrical provider to most of rural Bourbon County and has been part of our County for several decades. Their commitment to growth can be seen with their latest project of a new 7-acre solar farm located in North-central Bourbon County. As they continue to grow, we look forward to working with them to bring much more development to Bourbon County.

Water and Wastewater Provider:

The water and wastewater providers vary throughout the County depending on where you live. Most municipalities do provide their own water and wastewater, however, within the rural parts of our county there are several providers for these services. For help on who your provider is please contact the Bourbon County REDI staff.

Technology and Communications

Thanks to technology, today’s businesses are operated worldwide all day every day. In Bourbon County, we are no different and can compete with companies across the world due to a diverse and reliable set of high-speed data and telephone providers. We are confident that they will have solutions for companies of any size.


Bourbon County’s location makes it a prime destination for companies that are looking to ship their products across the world. Four Lane Highway 69 connects you from Bourbon County to multiple interstate highways, to the Port of Catoosa (The nation’s most inland port), Three International Airports, One Regional Airport, and Logistics Park Intermodal located in Edgerton Kansas all within a three hour or less drive.


Bourbon County is located just 30 minutes south of the ever-growing Kansas City Metropolitan area. The recent CNBC poll that ranked Kansas with the 6th best Infrastructure in the country, is proof that our future is bright as we see more improvements across our County and throughout the State. With four lane Highway 69 connecting Bourbon County with Interstate 44, 435, and 35, as well as  Highway 54 connecting our companies to Interstate 49, just 25 miles away, we are confident that your business can reach anyone in the United States in just two days, from right here in Bourbon County, Kansas.

Class 1 Rail Service

Bourbon County is fortunate to have a BNSF Mainline that connects us to Logistics Park Intermodal in Edgerton which is becoming the largest rail hub in the United States. This line not only connects with Kansas City and their large Rail presence. It also connects your business with ports in Houston and in Memphis.