Bourbon County Advantage

Better with Bourbon County, Kansas

Located in the heart of America, Bourbon County, Kansas continues to see ample opportunity for new growth in areas of business and residential. With a real hometown America feel, and access to a more upbeat urban environment within a short drive, we feel you will agree that everything is better with Bourbon County, Kansas.

Pro-Business Climate

Bourbon County is situated in the state of Kansas, which was recently awarded Site Selection Magazine's Governors Cup for being one of the most business-friendly states. Our community takes pride in this achievement, and we believe that our strong tax culture and numerous incentives, both at the state and community level, make us an ideal location for your business expansion. To learn more about our tax climate and financial incentives, please visit our Finance and Incentive page.

Transportation and Distribution Hub

Bourbon County, Kansas is positioned along one of the busiest logistic corridors in the Midwest, providing direct access to the Kansas City Intermodal.