REDI set Grow Entrepreneurial Center

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Since the earliest days of Bourbon County, we have been made up of residents who dream and communities who flourish because of those dreams. Thousands of people started their western expansion here in Bourbon County with nothing but a wagon full of stuff and a hope for a better life. Those dreams still exist today in Bourbon County however with residents who dream of owning and operating their own business.

From small food operations such as Perrys Pork Rinds to up and coming innovative companies such as Reprologix our community continues to see dreams made a reality. That is why the REDI board of directors along with the staff has created the REDI set Grow Entrepreneurial Center. Located in the REDI offices we are able to provide young dreamers with the hopes of starting their own business one day the help they need to start and grow that idea into a sustainable business.

Bourbon County REDI