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Bourbon County offers a variety of delicious dining options. These options range from fine dining to fast food and include a variety of types of cuisine that’ll be sure to quench your appetite.

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If you are looking to do some shopping in our community you will have no issue finding what you are looking for. We have a commercial retailers and small local businesses that provide a wide array of enticing commodities.

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Bourbon County is rich with history. We have the world-renowned Fort Scott National Historic Site. This site was established as a fort on the western frontier between Native American and Settler territory initially and after being abandoned for some time, was reclaimed as a civil war fort for the union army and was the home of the very first African American regiment. We are also the birth home of Gordon Parks and now home of the Gordon Parks Museum showcasing the life and works of the cinematic and artistic icon Gordon Parks. The county also houses the Lowell-Milken Center for Unsung Heroes. A center sponsored by Mr. Milken himself after hearing the story of Irena Sendler a WW2 hero that was brought to life by a group of students from Uniontown, Kansas.

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Visit Fort Scott offers a variety of information about what make our historical gem of a community so enticing for tourists. This website will offer you the best glimpse into what makes our community the best destination for anyone who wants a breather from the everyday bustle of life.

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