Community Partners

As Bourbon County’s sole Economic Development organization, we at REDI are tasked with creating wealth and economic opportunity for our entire county. We do this by attracting new investment to all of Bourbon County. We have been very fortunate to have the County Commission and the City of Fort Scott Commission helping with our funding for the last year. However, to make this organization viable and the work that we do continue to be productive, we need help from private individuals and companies who are passionate supporters and believe in the value of a strong Bourbon County.

For this to work, Bourbon County REDI Board of Directors and staff in the upcoming year will begin working to strengthen our organization by talking with and bringing on private investors. These investors will help by growing our County and strengthening the work we are doing to make Bourbon County better.

Here at REDI, we promise that if you or your organization takes the time to invest in our work, we will continually engage with you through various communication tools, resources, events, leadership opportunities, and personal attention. Our investors will be a large part of ensuring our organization is accountable for the dollars we must invest in the prosperity of Bourbon County. Together we can continue to have a huge positive impact on our county’s economic growth for years to come.